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In this series, GM Mauricio Flores provides an in-depth look of the most common structures in the Kings Indian Defense. Based on carefully selected example games, he explains the main plans and ideas of the three different types of structures in the KID and shows strategic patterns which often appear in those structures. In addition, he will focus on typical mistakes and traps and explains how to avoid them.

In the last video of the series, GM Mauricio Flores shows you typical ideas and plans for black in the Kings Indian Type III structure


Black’s main plan in the Kings Indian Type III structure is the push with f7-f5. Black’s plan is to attack the base of the pawn chain by playing f5. This is kind of a standard approach in this position.

Playlist of the video series:

GM Mauricio Flores is the author of the well recognized book “Chess Structures: A Grandmaster Guide”. Link: https://www.amazon.com/Chess-Structures-Mauricio-Flores-Rios/dp/1784830003

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