These are 👉 11 Chess Lessons for Beginners to understand the game and win more matches, as I play and explain essential aspects, tips, rules, and principles that will definitely make you a better player and will guide you in the way of the improvement in Chess.

00:59 LESSON 1: Principles of the Opening
01:25 LESSON 2: Phases of the Game
04:21 LESSON 3: King the Center, how to exploit it?
04:50 DON’T DO THIS ***
06:09 LESSON 4: Plan for positions like this
07:26 LESSON 5: what is a Weak Square?
08:21 LESSON 6: A Principle for the Middlegame
10:04 LESSON 7: Sac one Pawn for Activity
12:26 LESSON 8: Attack with all your pieces
13:35 LESSON 9: The moves we need to analyze
14:46 DON’T DO THIS ***
19:16 LESSON 10: Why Checks, Captures, Threats?
22:44 LESSON 11: Do Not Rush
24:26 Why a Lower Rated Opponent?
25:50 How to Win with Material Advantage?

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