In 2017 IM Sagar Shah and Amruta Mokal went to Tbilisi in Georgia to cover the World Cup 2017. They did some great journalistic work and hundreds of videos were published during the event. There was one video which was missed.

It was the interview with Nana Alexandria. On 15th of April 2021 when Sagar was scanning through his archives, he found this interview which had not been published till date! And what a gem this one is!

Born in 1949, Nana has been 3-time Soviet women’s champion and 2-time World Championship Challenger. She lost the world title in 1975 to Gaprindashvili and 1981 to Chiburdanidze. She played in 8 World Championship cycles! Just like Keres or Korchnoi or Rubinstein, she is one of the greatest chess players to never become a World Champion

In this video, Nana candidly speaks about her feelings of never becoming a World Champion, what stopped her. Her amazing stories related to the World Championship matches, Mark Dvoretsky’s advice, Hedgehog running away! It’s a 30-minute video, but once you begin watching it, you will absolutely enjoy Nana’s anecdotes. There are also pearls of wisdom in there which only come after years of experience.

Video shot and edited by Sagar Shah

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