A centralized queen is a powerful chess piece. In this lesson, GM Avetik shares how to activate the queen with the help of practical examples.

At first, you will learn why a queen in the center is a powerful piece.
Then, you will understand the difference between a centralized queen and the one that is developed early in the opening.

Later, you’ll see practical examples of this chess concept, followed by a homework position.

Check out our Grandmaster-prepared course, article, and playlist on the ‘Power of the Bishop Pair’ concept.
COURSE – https://chessmood.com/course/Bishop-Pair-power
ARTICLE – https://chessmood.com/blog/how-to-use-bishop-pair
PLAYLIST – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBEZDOS8vWC1ILJDJO37YBfWTG23BGapJ

Also, GM Avetik shares an example from the Scotch Defense. To learn more about this opening, check out our course ‘Attack with Scotch’ – https://chessmood.com/course/scotch-game

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